Saturday, May 08, 2010

Esperanza's Federal Grant Yet to be Cut as Reported

Despite reports of La Esperanza Clinic losing $1 million in federal 330 grant funding, the cut hasn't happened, according to Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) data. The Standard Times issued this report on 12-31-08:

For 2008, Esperanza received a $2.2 million Public Health Service Act, Title III, Section 330E grant from the federal government for administrative services.

The 2009 grant is $1.1 million, a 50 percent reduction.

"Those funds go to uninsured individuals," Campbell said, "No one actually receives 'free' health care. Everyone has a level of funds that they are expected to pay."

HRSA data tells a different story regarding 330 federal funding for Esperanza:



HRSA also shows two ARRA (stimulus bill) grants for the clinic in 2009.

Capital improvement--$539,170

Increased demand for services--$238,200

Rather than fall to $1.1 million, Esperanza's federal support soared to $2.9 million. That's a $1.8 million swing.

With the expiration of stimulus money and the Esperanza's funding for 2010 returned to $2,124,145, the same as 2009. The "cut" came a year later than reported. At $777,370, it was less than $1.1 million.

While the stimulus bill passed during 2009, i.e. after the article was published, what changed regarding Esperanza's base grant? What accounts for the $1.1 million differential between what was represented and actual funding?

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