Sunday, May 02, 2010

BP's PlunderDome

BP's backup plan for a failed blowout preventer is a giant dome. The dome would be nestled over the Deepwater Horizon well, where it would collect spilling oil. Oil from the dome would be pumped to the surface.

The plan's success depends on currents and the number of leaks. It requires the ability to pump oil from the dome into surface containers. Fluid dynamics make this a significant challenge.

While BP's CEO suggests the dome could be deployed in six to eight days, the Coast Guard expects construction to take up to four weeks. Time will tell the impact of BP's Plunderdome, (name chosen based on BP's past safety failures). Let's hold BP to their representation.

New Orleans experienced a horrific disaster with levee failures. A blowout preventer delivered the latest blow to the Gulf Coast. I hope BP didn't contract with firms who built or installed failed gear for their Plunderdome.

Update: The dome is 40 foot high and weighs 74 tons. Two domes will be deployed.

Update 2: The dome is now a giant box, weighing 100 tons.

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