Friday, November 07, 2008

Scotsman Calls Frances Townsend Obama Adviser?

The Scotsman did a piece on President elect Obama's dire in-box. It touched on the cratering economy, Homeland Security, the two Wars, addressing health care, and restoring America's luster in the world. I found nothing new, until I hit:

One of Mr Obama's senior aides, Frances Fragus Townsend, a former Homeland Security adviser, outlined some of the incoming administration's concerns, especially about the potential for conflict to create "spin-off" operations linked to global terrorism.

He said: "The most immediate counter-terrorism issue is the Pakistan tribal region; it represents the greatest threat to American security interests."

What? When did Fran Townsend sign up to work for Obama as a senior aide? I searched the web and found no indication that this is anything other than journalistic freewheeling. After all, author Chris Stephen quoted Fran as "he" and got her maiden name wrong. It's Fragos, not Fragus.

However, if Frances Fragos Townsend ends up on the Obama team, I'll have plenty to say about Fran's Brownie side. Until I get confirmation, this story is about questionable journalism. (A recent CNN interview made no mention of this relationship.)

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