Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Carlyle Group Benefits from Hank's TARP Corporafornication

It was a matter of time before The Carlyle Group got a direct capital injection from the Treasury. Future American taxpayers will invest $153 million in Boston Private Financial Holdings, an investment firm catering to the high net worth marketplace. Carlyle's Olivier Sarkozy and Randall Quarles earned their high dollar income with this deal.

TARP money will garner preferred stock and common stock warrants. The MarketWatch article did not specify the dividend rate on our preferred stock. Are we recapitalizing Boston Private on the cheap without squeezing Carlyle's equity investment?

Ironically, Boston Private's CEO said the Paulson injection would enhance "their already strong capital position" such that it can increase lending. Trust will return to big money boy borrowing, courtesy of the common taxpayer.

Will you sleep better with this knowledge? Or does yet another round of Bush sponsored Corporafornication make you spitting mad? Pffft! Pfffttt!

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