Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blue Degrees to The Carlyle Group

The Obama administration ensured the American public that it would take on special interests in the dirty waters of Washington, D.C. Take them on, the President elect did. One high profile special interest shares Pennsylvania Avenue with the White House. The Carlyle Group, a private equity underwriter (PEU) is at 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, blocks down from 1600. Consider Carlyle's Blue connections:

Obama bundlers

William Kennard-$500,000 FCC Chair for Bill Clinton
Mark Johnson-$50,000-$100,000

Clinton Advisors currently on Carlyle payroll (all are Senior Advisers)

Arthur Levitt-SEC Chair
Mack McLarty-Chief of Staff
Charles Rossotti-IRS Commissioner

Other Carlyle employees with Clinton ties:

David Marchick-Clinton White House staffer, now Carlyle's chief lobbyist
Christopher Ullman-Spokesman for SEC Chair Levitt, now a Carlyle Principal

I ran across an interesting last name while touring the PEU's stable of professionals:

Lana Axelrod-Associate in Carlyle's health care sector.

The only reference I could find to David Axelrod's children came from an epilepsy fundraiser. The newspaper said one of his children suffered from the disease, but did not mention any names. Is Lana related to David?

Flip to the Oval Office and known advisors to our President elect. How much did The Carlyle Group contribute to their political career?

Rahm Emanuel-Chief of Staff, Clinton White House staffer. He received $16,250 from Carlyle Group this last election cycle.

Other possible ties include:

David Axelrod-Senior Advisor, had Hillary Clinton as a past client for his political consulting firm. David may or may not have a relative on Carlyle's payroll. I don't expect an answer given his skills as a corporate spinner.

Frances Fragos Townsend-offered to work for the Obama team, after serving as Bush's White House Homeland Security Adviser. She did Carlyle a huge favor by omitting any mention of their LifeCare affiliate's 24 patient deaths in her White House Katrina Lessons Learned report.

Moses Mercado-prior Carlyle Group lobbyist for Ogilvy Government Relations. Served as top adviser in Obama campaign.

Dov Zakheim, Defense Business Board advises President and Pentagon, Senior executive for Booz, Allen, Hamilton, Carlyle Group affiliate.

It will be interesting to watch how much the blue team bleeds toward the green.

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