Monday, November 03, 2008

McCain Political Ads: Ignorance or Subconscious Manipulation

After the third McCain/Palin ad with misspelled words, I concluded the spelling is intentional. The question is why?

Do ads with misspelled words garner people's attention, when they normally might not look?

What associations occur in the viewer's mind as they process the image and the incorrectly spelled word? Two of the three images show black men. Misspellings could frame black men as ignorant. One error occurs within a direct quote by Barack Obama. After reading "virture", vulture came to my mind. Republicans say he will prey on citizens through higher taxes.

What lingers after the ad is viewed? Do viewers just not feel right? Do they associate any dysfunction with the target of the ad and not its sponsor?

Republicans paid big money for these ads. They were tested amongst likely, undecided voters before getting aired. They work for the McCain camp, the question is why? C'mon Maverick, give us the straight talk. Are misspellings the result of error, or a well tested means of manipulation?

(HT-Think Progress)

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