Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lincoln Bedroom vs. Dover Sole with the Queen?

Right after 37 of the President Bush's high dollar donors shared fish with the Queen, the press was remarkably silent. Contrast this with news of the Clinton's riding corporate jets but doing so in compliance with FEC rules:

A longtime Clinton benefactor used corporate jets to fly the former president and Hillary Rodham Clinton on business, personal and campaign trips that a lawsuit brands as wasteful company spending.

Vinod Gupta has been a major donor to Democrats over the years and especially prominent as a Clinton fundraiser. He was rewarded with a night in the White House's Lincoln bedroom during Clinton's presidency. He also donated at least $1 million to Bill Clinton's presidential library in Little Rock., Ark.

According to FEC records, Gupta-controlled entities provided jets for Hillary Clinton at least seven times since 2002. Clinton's campaigns or other political committees paid the equivalent of first-class air fare for those trips, a fee required by law but a significant discount compared with the actual cost of charter jet service.

How many of Bush's Pioneering stock rode their big buck corporate jets to a White Tie dinner with royalty? And how many lawsuits will result? Why does the news love the Clinton Lincoln Bedroom and ignore Bush's clearly stated benefits for high dollar donors?

The Democrats are the Coca Cola secretary sentenced to eight years for stealing corporate secrets while Republicans are stock option backdating CEO's who might pay a fine for stealing millions from shareholders. Both screw the American public, yet their media trials couldn't be any different. It appears we have both the best justice and press treatment money can buy!

Next year's flu shot needs to innoculate the U.S. population from the pox cast by the media and America's political parties. It's time to wake up to their infectious diseases...

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