Sunday, May 20, 2007

Palestinian People's "Humiliation" Continues

President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke earlier this week of the humiliation of the Palestinian people having to live under the threat of rockets coming through their roof. That threat escalated this week, adding to their long suffering. It seems like just yesterday, President Bush spoke of all the things he would do to help the Palestinians. It turned out to be a big case of Texas Buckeye.

Israel just fired a rocket in the home of an elected Palestinian official, killing at least 8 and wounding 13 people. What will the U.S. position be, since earlier in the week the State Department cited the "great restraint" employed by the Israelis in their bombing of Gaza.

Palestinian President Abbas called for the international community to pressure Israel to stop the attacks. We saw how that worked last summer as Israel bombed its neighbor to the north back 25 years. The whole word can be crying foul and Israel will ignore it as long as it knows it has President Bush's support. That fact was made clear once again by Presidential Advisor, Elliott Abrams who called Bush Israel's "emergency brake". He also called Condi's peace efforts in the Middle East "just process", essentially for show.

With no serious peace efforts, that can only mean one thing, war. It's going on in spades in the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, and Iraq.

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