Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Few More Why’s?

Did you ever wonder why:

1. The Catholic Church asks the faithful to bail leaders out of sexual abuse settlements that very leadership allowed to be inflicted on their followers? Can one layer financial atop physical abuse?

2. Why the return to Latin Mass which only dates back to the 16th century? Why not go back further? And is it really the Latin mass if doesn’t disparage non-Catholics or Jews? Without those references isn’t it really just a watered down version?

3. If the priest asks for contributions in Latin, does that make it easier for people to fork over funds for their religious leaders’ sexual impropriety?

4. Why is Roller Derby becoming popular again?

5. Why are China and Osama bin Laden “kind of threats” to the U.S. today? The Red Economic Storm is a rising peril but still not dangerous enough to take over Taiwan while the al Qaeda leader is a falling star but requires the U.S. to spend nearly $400 billion a year to keep him from getting a toehold in Iraq. Are both being waved about to drive business to the military-industrial-Congressional complex?

6. Why are hearings on the as yet unexplained firings of at least eight attorney generals “political theater”? Does this mean Chief lawyer Alberto Gonzales’ hazy memory and inability to answer a question are considered “political substance”?

7. Given the sorry state of both political parties, why are more people not asking why?

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