Saturday, March 03, 2007

“Year of Bush Engagement” in Latin America Means More Divide & Conquer

As President Bush heads to Central and South America, State Department Undersecretary Nic Burns called 2007 “a year of engagement” in our hemisphere. In the last year Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez became inflammatory in his dislike for President Bush. This alone isn’t concerning as the President cares little about his approval ratings.

However, Hugo made a huge error in nationalizing key industries in his country. Direct corporate lines lead to the Pentagon and new Defense Chief Robert Gates. While a war isn’t likely, CIA/DIA tampering is.

Bush heads south to draw lines in the sand similar to his Middle East efforts. Will Hugo redraw them as the Saudis and Jordan’s King Abdullah have? Ironically the Jordanian King visits this coming week, having dinner at the White House Tuesday evening!

Will President Bush share his South American “with us or against us” map? And where will Sunni Syria fall on the Jordanian King’s map? He’s already asked Israel if it wants to live in peace with its neighbors or be a fortress. Will he ask the Joint Meeting of Congress the same question on March 7th?

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