Friday, March 02, 2007

“Impartial” Consumer Product Board Member has 15 Year Manufacturing Ties?

The sales force in the White House must be working overtime to remake their political appointments. First, Eliot Cohen of Project for New American Century Fame got made out to be a nonconformist in his State Department appointment. Now a long standing trade group executive has been labeled “impartial” in his nomination for a spot on the Consumer Product Safety Council.

In the midst of his long career as a Manufacturing Trade Association exec, Micheal Baroody took a year to work as President of the Republican oriented National Policy Forum. His strong Republican credentials dot his work history.

Yet, their description of Micheal reveals he worked hard on a pro-growth, pro-worker policy agenda. I scanned the website for the pro-worker information and couldn’t find anything with that heading. I did find the Prosperity Project and clicked on that thinking a pro-worker policy could lead to greater employee prosperity. What do you think I found?

The National Association of Manufacturers’ Prosperity Project encourages telling employees to vote and which candidates are pro-business! The Oklahoma Project partnered with Chambers of Commerce. While they claim to be “non-partisan”, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is unabashedly pro-Republican.

Obviously, Mr. Baroody’s good Republican soldiership got him the appointment. It’s a shame Rebublicans can’t admit it and have to wrap this person in “impartial” consumer protection garb. He doesn’t wear it well…

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