Friday, March 16, 2007

More on TXU & PEU’s (Private Equity Underwriters)

TXU needed the press to focus on its environmentalist supported deal vs. their over $2.5 billion dollar bottom line for 2006. This incredible profit growth came after Texas citizens were promised the robust power of free markets to reduce their energy bills.

As for the Environmental Defense endorsement, their board chair makes money hand over fist as an investor, even if green oriented. He sits on the Council of Foreign Relations, the group that finds ways to export American business opportunities around the globe.

Both Environmental Defense and National Resources Defense Council Boards have numerous attorneys, corporate CEO's, and investor representatives. (The Carlyle Group even has a rep on the ED board.) That they picked up the phone to talk with their KKR counterparts doesn't seem like a big stretch despite the lavish praise for this collaboration.

Just like conservatives infiltrated churches to change their doctrine (via Institue for Religion and Democracy), might they be going after environmental groups?

Or are the green organizations interested in a different kind of green (as in the color of money)? Bill Clinton started a $1 billion dollar green investment fund when he already worked for an investment house. Recall the interview with Ron Burkle, billionaire holding an LA fundraiser for Bill? Of course they are connected. President Clinton seems to play the money game quite well.

Things are morphing from both ends, into a distasteful mix of money inspired activity. At least that's my humble opinion.

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