Friday, March 02, 2007

Cheney Threatens to Unleash the Crazies in Iraq

When will America decide to jump off the ever escalating mountain bike of violence in Iraq? “What’s a little dunking” Cheney threatened to unleash the hoards of freshly sprouted terrorists he seeded in the region’s newest democracy should Congress not fully fund Bush’s escalation folly.

"If our coalition withdrew before Iraqis could defend themselves, radical factions would battle for dominance. The violence would likely spread throughout the country and be very difficult to contain. Having tasted victory in Iraq, the (militants) would look for new missions. Many would head for Afghanistan to fight alongside the Taliban"

I hate to tell you Dickie, but radical factions are already battling for dominance in Iraq. The middle class evaporated within two years of Bush’s folly with millions evacuating to Jordan and Syria. Most elected officials no longer live in Iraq but in nearby countries or Europe. Here’s my take on what the V.P meant by his words.

“If our coalition withdrew before Iraqis pass the new oil law, western oil companies would miss their chance at a huge bonanza. As they are my benefactors, I owe them the chance to make ginormous profits off oil that "belongs to the Iraqi people". Having sucked Iraq dry of oil, these same companies will want the U.S. military to clear the tabletop for future drilling in other countries. Who nearby has lots of oil? Iran! Did you know that country loves freedom? We will be their ally just as America sided with Japan in World War II.”

I suggest we unleash one crazy into Iraq. Dick, here’s your one way ticket…

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