Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain's New Secretary of State: Joe the Plumber?

John McCain's narrative tour includes "reformer" Sarah Palin and "common man" Joe the Plumber. Politicians are known for non-answers to serious questions, but most speak intelligently in their dodges. Not so with Sarah and Joe.

Fox News reporter Shep Smith came away shaking his head from a five minute phone interview with Joe Wurzelbacher. The topic was Joe's assertion that a vote for Obama means "Death to Israel." He called the ignorance and innuendo offered by Joe "frightening."

How much do people pay for five minutes of ad time on Fox News? That amount was effectively flushed down the toilet. Ignorance may exist, but using it as "news" to deride a candidate is dangerous in a functioning democracy. That is, if America still qualifies...

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