Wednesday, October 01, 2008

McCain Offers Plane to Obama for Town Hall Meeting

Senator John McCain slapped Barack Obama for the umpteenth time over his unwillingness to do town hall meetings. In a meeting with the Des Moines Register's Editorial Staff McCain said, "I stand ready to do it. I'll supply the airplane." In a David Letterman like dream scene, I envision the response:

After hearing the offer, the Obama campaign agreed under one condition. Maureen Dowd would be the stewardess. In addition, the famed political satirist would serve as Madam of Ceremony for the event.

Steve Schmidt, McCain's campaign chief and ever the hard bargainer, refused the condition. "John McCain is not funny, other than his 'If I were dictator, which I always aspire to be' joke. This is a serious time, a serious campaign and John is a serious guy. Plus, our plane has a 'no trollipy cunt rule.'"

McCain blew off David Letterman, only to not fly back to Washington. That garnered a series of humorous reprisals. Letterman launched #4 last night. I expected Maureen to gig McCain in similar fashion, after she mentioned her barring from the McCain plane, (She did so last week in her talk at Angelo State University. Rick Smith didn't know he had a hot scoop.)

Maureen has been scorned and remained silent. One has to admire her steel Magnolia-ness.

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