Monday, October 20, 2008

Unimportant Elderly Can be Cuffed!

Police arrested an 89 year old Ohio woman for keeping a football that landed in her yard. The youth, who saved money from his job to buy the ball, couldn't keep his new prize away from the known neighborhood forbidden zone. It wasn't the first time she'd confiscated a stray toy.

But, it was the first time the youth's mother called the police. What's the charge officer? Community parenting? Video shows the elderly woman's willingness to return the ball in the future, just not upon order of the police. Imagine if the policeman had the creativity to arrest the football for trespassing and leave the woman alone. Didn't happen.

Just as a corporation can't be charged with fraud or grand larceny, a football cannot be booked for trespassing. CEO's and young quarterbacks skate away free, while stockholders and disciplining neighbors suffer the consequences. It was your property, but it comes with few rights...

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