Sunday, October 05, 2008

Conaway Fundraiser for Bush's Republican Trust

The $700 billion bailout bill moved more than markets. It changed Rep. Mike Conaway's Bush fundraiser from Thursday night to Saturday.

Conaway said beforehand that Bush’s old Midland friends — about 500 strong — were "excited" to see him at the fundraiser.

The barbecue, which had to be moved from Thursday night to Saturday because of congressional votes on the $700 billion bailout, was expected to raise $500,000 for the Congressional Trust 2008, with proceeds going to House GOP races.

Old home ties didn’t hurt this week, either. It took a few phone calls, but Bush finally persuaded Conaway to vote for the bailout after he voted against it the first time around.

Only a $1,000 average per attendee? Does that mean no participants took advantage of the $57,000 photo and private time with the President? If ten participants ponied up for some flesh time, they shattered that $500,000 expectation. Surely, some big money boys showed up to thank Bush for arranging the latest round of Corporfornication. Whose prayers were answered?

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