Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As Usual, Mike Conaway Fails to Address Health Care

A West Texas Congressman had sobering words for health care workers. Rep. Mike Conaway told hospital groups in Odessa and Midland today that government reimbursement for health care is going down, and they are needed to help control costs.

The federal government's largess in the financial sector means no money left for the long suffering nonprofit hospitals, at least those fulfilling their mission of caring for all. Mike sat on the health care sidelines for his nearly four years in office. But a pot can call a kettle black:

Conaway said one of the biggest problems will continue to be finding insurance coverage for the 47 million Americans who do not have it. And he said, neither presidential candidate has a clue how to fix that.

Clueless Mike's party wants to exacerbate the problem. Studies estimate an increase of 20 million uninsureds under the McCain plan. The same big money men repouring our financial foundation want to jettison health insurance as an employee benefit. Thus people need to pony up.

Congressman Conaway also spoke at the Ector County Republican Women's Luncheon.

Organizers of the event said it was a treat to hear Conaway speak at such an important and historical time for the Republican Party.

I wonder, how many of those women have husbands/children getting health insurance through their employment? Will they look back to Mike's historic visit when their loved one loses coverage? When their nonprofit community hospital goes up for sale on the cheap to a for-profit chain, will they notice? Disaster capitalists have a voracious appetite. Financials, insurance, health care....they could all be consumed.

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