Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Frances Townsend: God Help Bush

Frances Townsend advised the next U.S. President to tell the public quickly and clearly how they plan to protect the country from a terrorist attack. She said, "God help them if something happens before they've done that,"

Something happened on George Bush's shift. First, several men gassed an Ohio mosque full of Muslim worshippers. Days before the Dayton newspaper distributed an anti-Islamic DVD. Second, a bomb went off in a St. Louis area parking garage. Third, up to thirty threatening letters containing white powder have been sent to banks across America. (The total is now over 50 letters, many with death threats.)

With all those somethings, is Fran asking for God to help George W. Bush? On communicating with the public, she noted there was "no playbook" for a new administration to use. Why not Fran? Wasn't that your job?

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