Friday, October 17, 2008

Did Bush Take the Funnel?

George Bush spoke at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce meeting this morning. He encouraged the business boys to keep their chins up. Yet, minutes after he finished the Dow dropped 250 points.

But how did the President get to the U.S. Chamber, whose offices are across from the White House, also known as the CorporaWhorehouse. One West Texas town had a House of Ill Repute next to a bank, with a tunnel in between. The husband would enter the bank to do business and sneak underground to Miss Hattie's. After sampling the feminine goods, he'd return through the reputable bank to his loyal wife.

George W. Bush just put $3 trillion to work to save America's financial sector, deathly ill from binging on dangerous substances. The plan didn't start that big, but Corporafornication is addicting. Time after time, the big money boys screwed their customers. Now, the taxpayer pays for both sides of the bad business equation.

So how did President Bush pass Lafayette Square, Pennsylvania Avenue and H Street? Did he take the Funnel? Who came back with Bush to the CorporaWhorehouse? Private equity has major money on the sidelines. They're ready to benefit from the taxpayer's toxic debris clearing. One private equity underwriter spoke from the SuperReturn conference in Dubai, "The best returns in private equity have come in a period like the one that we're just entering. This is an absolutely wonderful time."

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