Saturday, October 26, 2013

MedHab Keynote for ASU E-Day

Medhab CEO Johnny Ross will be the keynote speaker at Angelo State University's eDay conference.  The event will provide information for student entrepreneurs on starting a business. 

I'll venture students get a more complete picture of MedHab's status and business plans than San Angelo's City Council, which approved a $3.6 million economic development package under Mayor Alvin New.  At the time Mayor New owned a stake in MedHab and served on the Board of Directors. 

The machinations around MedHab's economic development award and subsequent actions are worthy of a business case. Should anyone care to mine these subjects, this blog has many posts on MedHab and CEO Johnny Ross. 

The good news is City Council returned to ethics standards that prohibit a sitting elected official with a substantial business stake in a venture from receiving economic development funds, either directly or indirectly.  Such ventures would be eligible for public funds six months after the elected official stepped down from public service. 

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