Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fleming Sets Sights on Gun Club Road Walkers

City Councilman Rodney Fleming asked for the following item to be discussed at the October 15 Council meeting.  Fleming asked to:

"Discuss the walkers and joggers out at the lake and the problem that it's become."
He said he would bring a video of walkers and joggers at Gun Club Road.  Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer asked for information on the cost to run the Nature Center.

These two concerns are tackled in Gateway Planning's proposal for Lake Nasworthy development.  The timing of these issues could setup support for Gateway's Nasworthy zones.

The public meeting on Lake Nasworthy development will be held October 21 at the McNease Convention Center.  Gun Club Road walkers should turn out if they wish to be heard.

Update 10-13-13:  Gun Club Road walkers/runners is item 27 on the agenda

Update 10-14-13:  Standard Times reported "Fleming has planned for members of the Lake Nasworthy Homeowners’ Association to assist him with the presentation."

Update 10-19-13:  Oddly very few Gun Club walkers or runners turned out at City Council to speak on keeping public access.  Council appeared to support Fleming's position, but no vote was taken as the item was informational.  It'll be interesting to see what happens when Parking Reduction Phase 2 hits City Council's agenda.


Texifornian said...
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Texifornian said...

"Oh no! Lots of San Angeloans are exercising!" Dude. Fleming. Pick your battles.

jelly andrews said...

Oh! They are really into joggers and walkers. But are they really a hindrance that’s why they want them out? What will happen to the joggers and walkers if the proposal will be passed?