Wednesday, October 09, 2013

San Angelo's Public Health Has "Limited" Adult Flu Shots

A recent City of San Angelo press release stated:

The San Angelo-Tom Green County Health Department is offering influenza vaccines, although it has a limited number of adult doses.
Access to a flu shot from the City of San Angelo is already restricted to one day a week.  Prior to City Council cuts under Mayor Alvin New citizens could get flu shots any day of the week.

Last year's flu season was more severe due to elected officials' budget decisions.  I've seen little to no change in the just begun fiscal year.  A search of "immunization" in the approved budget produced nothing.

As San Angelo becomes more transient, public health seems part of our distant past.  There's really one administration and City Council to thank for this, the one headed by City Manager Harold Dominguez and chaired by Mayor Alvin New.

So far only $16,900 in new money has been added back.  It's not clear how much of this is local and how much is from the feds via the Section 1115 waiver.  At some point this blight will fall on City Manager Daniel Valenzuela and Mayor Dwain Morrison.

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