Thursday, June 27, 2013

Standard Times Feral Cat Poll

The San Angelo Standard Times ran a poll on their website relative to feral cat colonies.  Feral cat colonies in San Angelo have citizen volunteers who spend time and money trapping, spaying/neutering and returning the cats to their home.  Over time these colonies have achieved dramatic reduction in the number of feral cats. 

The question should read: 

Should the city be more aggressive in intimidating local citizens volunteering their time and resources to address San Angelo's feral cat problem?

The City Animal Shelter had the whole town to begin trapping and exterminating feral cats.  They picked an area with an organized feral cat colony, one where volunteers had already reduced their numbers from 200 to 55. 

The poll above shows 80% of respondents think the city should back off.  While Arlington, Texas and other U.S. communities explore strategies to deal with the feral cat problem, the City is driving away local partners.  For years the City Animal Shelter collaborated with feral cat colony volunteers.  City leaders should require Animal Services return to such a strategy.

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