Monday, June 03, 2013

City Council & COSADC Agendas

San Angelo City Council and the city's Development Corporation each failed to post a public information packet for their early June meetings. 

The Development Corporation met in Special Session today with only Executive Session on the agenda.  The City has been in active negotiations with three firms about locating in San Angelo.  It also is in hiring mode for both an Executive Director and Development Coordinator. 

The City posted an agenda for the June 4 Council meeting but not their usual supporting information packet.  In Executive Session City Council can discuss "an offer of financial or other incentive to a company or companies with whom the City of San Angelo is conducting economic development negotiations and which the City of San Angelo seeks to have, locate, stay or expand in San Angelo."

The last economic incentive package to MedHab left many with an uneasy feeling about leadership ethics or lack thereof.  recently Mayor New implied Councilman Silvas asked for a MedHab update to inflame the election environment.  Silvas was well within his rights to ask for a presentation on MedHab's progress, without having to dig through Development Corporation documents for the sparsest of data.

Tomorrow the information void will be filled.  The question is with what?  The public deserves access to information.  That need seems, even more important during a local election. 

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