Saturday, June 29, 2013

MedHab Update Finally on City Council Agenda

After being ignored for two months San Angelo City Councilman Johnny Silvas will finally get his requested MedHab update.  It took Mayor Alvin New's stepping down for this to happen.  New is a longtime member of MedHab's board of directors, something initially misrepresented by San Angelo's economic development crew as an "advisory board" position.  MedHab has an advisory board and Alvin New is not on it.

Assistant City Manager/Chief Financial Officer Michael Dane will give Johnny Silvas his long awaited update.  It's the 14th item on the agenda.  It will be interesting to see the comprehensiveness of Dane's report.  The depth and quality of Dane's presentations have varied.  We'll see if Dane lives up the City's financial transparency Silver Leadership Circle award.

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