Sunday, February 17, 2013

Surfing MedHab's Interns

LinkedIn listed several MedHab interns, Will Hopper and Balraj Grewal.  MedHab's progress can be seen via Hopper, a TCU graduate business student currently serving as intern.  Here's his version of the MedHab story:

MedHab, LLC

1.  Facilitate focus groups and deliver sales presentation for orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists for MedHab's first device.
2.  Design marketing sales aid and pitch for start-up medical device company.
3.  Research and complete procedure and reimbursement code applications for FDA, AMA CPT codes, and Medicare and Medicaid enrollment.
4.  Compile digital and hard copy database of all necessary documents/applications to get new product to market

These seem to be meaty items for a graduate student, especially one without healthcare experience.  I'd probably refer to "FDA approval" and "Medicare/Medicaid participation" as approval for payment, i.e. not enrollment.

I've found orthopedic surgeons a tough crowd in the past.  I'm not sure how they'd take a graduate business student delivering sales presentations.  Is that why MedHab CEO Johnny Ross plans to contract out the sales function?

Another TCU graduate business intern, Balraj Grewal,  helped MedHab from a financial standpoint.

Intern: Financial Analyst

I helped in evaluating the finances of Medhab and gave recommendations based on these findings. Also I put Medhab's company data on equitynet.

Balraj may have evaluated the impact of San Angelo Mayor Alvin New's equity investment in MedHab.  His internship ended before the City of San Angelo officially extended its $3.6 million incentive package in January 2012.  However, Balraj may have gotten early wind of the scope of the package.  I wonder how San Angelo's economic generosity fit with Balraj's financial evaluation findings. 

Equitynet is an angel investor/crowdsourcing website, similar to Gust.  MedHab has gotten alot of help from many places and people.  It needs a big boost from the FDA and CMMS to take any next step.  Are there any FDA interns with LinkedIn pages? 

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