Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rallo Record

Dr. Joseph Rallo became President of Angelo State University in June 2007, just as ASU joined the Texas Tech University System. 

Angelo State University will reach 10,000 students the hard way, given ASU's difficulty recruiting true freshmen.  The spate of Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents of Enrollment Management never got ASU's freshmen class past the first year under TTU spike.

ASU's Graduate Program experienced significant growth from 493 in 2008 to 880 in 2012.  ASU is a tale of two universities under Dr. Rallo, freshmen and graduate.  Which trajectory will win out? 


Anonymous said...

Rallo had nothing to do with the large increases in grad students - ask the faculty in the Curriculum & Instruction Department.

Unknown said...

Interesting post. I'm not sure how much Rallo impacts the Freshman enrollment directly but I do find the trend somewhat confusing. ASU is an ideal school for the freshman class especially. It offers smaller class sizes and good curriculum for those that might want to transfer to a larger state school after year 1. If anything this should be increasing with the TTU deal. Thanks for sharing.