Sunday, February 10, 2013

MedHab Talk at Texas Tech

MedHab founder Johnny Ross spoke at Texas Tech University's CEO Roundtable in March 2012.  He spoke of his company's plans to bring their product to market.  Ross stated StepRite is a Class II medical device, thus it needs no clinical study.  It does need FDA approval and permission from Medicare and Medicaid to bill the $2,250 fee per patient.  However,Medicare/Medicaid does expect the company to show StepRite's value, i.e. clinical efficacy, before approving the device for payment.

Ross stated he expected to bring his product to market in October 2012. That didn't happen.  Soon a year will have passed since Ross' TTU talk.  There has been no news from MedHab or the City of San Angelo since they inked the $3.6 million economic incentive package in August 2012.

Ross is a noted salesman who promotes himself as a "C Suite Rainmaker".  Oddly, MedHab will have no sales department.  This function will be contracted out.  The company sold San Angelo Mayor Alvin New, a MedHab investor and board member, before it sold City Council.  Representations were made.  An update seems in order

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