Thursday, December 13, 2012

Where Are Fredd's Handlers?

Three weeks after being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated, potentially his third DWI conviction, San Angelo City Councilman Fredd Adams gave a "no comment"when asked about the arrest.

Locals harken back to State Representative Scott Campbell and his antics with drunk driving.

Campbell survived late-breaking election news in 2004; a few weeks before the general election, news reports of a drunk driving arrest and of his allegedly seeking an illegitimate massage in a legitimate massage parlor got out.

Three years later the Standard Times reported:

* An investigation into an October 2004 suspected drunken-driving incident, which led Campbell to say he had recently undergone treatment for alcohol abuse.
It took Republican incumbent Campbell two years to seek treatment.  Scott had a Republican Party structure to keep him out of trouble.

Councilman Fredd Adams has the Baptist Church structure.  Unfortunately, I've seen few congregations, of any denomination, with the ability to conduct an intervention when their priest or pastor was in severe crisis. 

Today I noticed a light colored Mitsubishi (with a broken driver side mirror) swerving erratically on North Bryant.  The driver acted like they'd just finished a three martini lunch.  Part of me wanted to get close enough to see if it was Fredd, but the rational part screamed to keep my distance. 

Does Adams have his foot to the floor on self-destruction?  He had three weeks to control this story.  First, arrange for treatment, take a hiatus from City Council until he could get his life in order, then release the story on his terms.  That didn't happen.

Stay tuned for developments.  Will Fredd sell his funeral home and move to Austin, like Scott Campbell?  Or will he face the music at home, seek help and make amends?  The ball's in Fredds court.

Update 12-24-12:  U.S. Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) was arrested for drunk driving in Virginia.   His office released a statement the same day.  Crapo is a Mormon.  His faith does not allow practitioners to drink alcohol.

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