Saturday, December 15, 2012

Final MedHab Update from Shawn Lewis?

2012 began with City Council endorsing a $3.6 million incentive package to bring MedHab's production facilities to San Angelo.  The sales pitch had MedHab

Donna Osborne, the city's economic development coordinator, said if it takes the deal, the company plans to start operations in San Angelo in March, creating 11 jobs in the first year and 23 the following year.
March turned into August before MedHab accepted San Angelo's incentive package.  The company returned to equity markets in October, seeking $750,000,

City Council's final meeting of 2012 is also Economic Development Director Shawn Lewis' last.  Lewis accepted an Assitant City Manager job in Longmont, Colorado where he'll rejoin former City Manager Harold Dominguez.

Will Shawn give an update on MedHab as his final present to area citizens?  Did the product launch in Australia in June as visioned?  How many of MedHab's promised 11 jobs materialized in San Angelo?  It'd be nice to get a report.

Update 12-27-12:  Shawn's final public update, published in the Standard Times, did not include MedHab.

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