Monday, December 10, 2012

Men Who Brought MedHab Work in Longmont

With the announcement that Shawn Lewis will join Harold Dominguez in Longmont, Colorado, San Angelo will have lost the two City leaders that brought MedHab to our community.  Shawn's last day will be December 24. 

Harold and Shawn built an economic development palace, while health care became an afterthought, at least someone else's responsibility.  Why did neither stay to enjoy the splendor they created, a newly renovated City Hall, Business Resource Center and hundreds of jobs coming for local citizens?  Only they know for sure.

If Longmont pays well enough, Lewis and Dominguez can own a stake in MedHab.  The company is on its third capital raise in three years.  Minimum investment is $2,083.  

Harold's consistent in adding senior leadership staff during a tight budget.  Shawn Lewis is the beneficiary of that.  Who else might have Longmont in their future?

Update 3-9-13:  Lewis made it to Longmont, where his city was the first in Colorado to ban hydraulic fracking.  That's in direct contrast to San Angelo, which expects an fracking energy boom.

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