Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The San Angelo Standard Times resurfaced the Concho River fountain in an opinion piece.

The proper response to the fountain proposal would have been, "That plan doesn't seem right, but here's another.

How about letting the current $13.5 million plan run first?  Here are three elements of the City's river revitalization effort, currently underway.

The City has a large land based fountain in the area the Standard Times suggested for the river spectacular. 

A Game Area is in the works, complete with Putt Putt and a Cafe.
Add an underlit bridge and the draws increase.
The city already has significant plans to make the river a focal point.  I suggest those be executed before offering another $500,000 surprise with a significant maintenance burden. 


Anonymous said...

Didn't we already have a Putt Putt once downtown, under the bridge with an amusement park that for some reason was shut down with the hopes of building a hotel/apartment complex?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we had a putt-putt downtown (I played there), and we had Neff's Amusement Park (a favorite place for my Sundays growing up). Both went out of business due to declining sales. The putt-putt on College Hills (now Preston's Play Yard) overran business for the downtown putt-putt. And, people just stopped going to Neff's. Seems like I remember Neff's