Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tom Green County's Cash Cow Continues Full Bore

The Tom Green County Indigent Health Program came in $700,000 under budget fund for the year ended August 31, 2011.  The County budgeted over $2 million, but spent less than $1.3 million, counting $1 million in Upper Payment Limit (UPL) contributions.  The $700,000 savings made its way to the County's general fund.

The long standing pattern held as county leaders reported spending a mere $69,888.66 the last four months, That doesn't include UPL funds allocated to San Angelo's two area hospitals.  It's less than $17,500 per month for Esperanza Clinic and independent providers caring for indigent patients..

The county is required to budget 8% of its general tax levy for Indigent Care, which amounts to $2.2 million for 2012.  Giving the County a $1 million credit for its UPL contributions, that leaves $1.2 million to spend on indigent care.  At the current rate of spending the county will pay $210,000 though 8-31-12, which translates to another $1 million transfer to the general fund. 

It's a decade long cash cow, which may be used to "increase yields to reduce taxes.".

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