Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Latest Nightmare: Rallo May I?

A strange cast of characters lined up before Dr. Joseph Rallo, President of Angelo State University, in my dream.  The group stood roughly thirty feet away from Dr. Rallo, who sat on a ledge of ASU's $375,000 "Evolving Helix" yard art.  Oddly, Rallo wore a large blue jeweled and gold crown

Kingly Rallo addressed a man in camouflage gear, asking "Servant, what do you carry?"

Camo-man responded, "Your highness, I have an animal trap and sardines, good for trapping cats.."

President Rallo surmised, "Do you wish to rid our residential campus of pesky feral felines?"  Camo-man replied, "Rallo, May I?

Dr. Rallo thought for a minute before stating, "Yes, you may, but there's one condition.  You must do it on Christmas break, when students are not around.  Be evasive and circumspect about your plans.  In this, I have taught you well."

Camo-man nodded.  "I'll catch those #@%& cats."  He popped the sardine can, taking a big sniff.  After removing the tin lid, he made a cutting motion across his neck.  "That's the fate of caught kitties."  He ran off, sardine juice sloshing.

Rallo turned to address a man holding a much smaller crown, resting on a blue pillow.

Crown-man extended his arms such that President Rallo could read the title emblazoned on the crown, Provost.  Rallo spoke, "You wish to recruit me a Provost Prince."

Crown man replied, "Your highness, I would be so honored.  Rallo, May I?"

Dr. Rallo crossed his legs.  He rubbed his chin as his mind sought the right words.  "This search, must it be serious?  May I give the crown to one I have in mind?"

Crown man replied, "You look thoughtful if you seek the right one, even if they are already under your very nose.  We can make theater.  It won't be the first time we've conducted a search in name only.  This I can do.  Rallo, May I?"

Dr. Rallo replied, "Yes, you May.  This May, the person you are searching for, I'd like him to fill my seat when I retire.  Ensure he is eventually crowned King."

Crown man dutifully asked, "Rallo, May I?"  Rallo simply repeated, "May, yes, may, yes, may..." as he admired his thrown on ASU's Evolving Hell-ix.

Update 2-4-12:  ASU's Provost search is underway, driven by a faculty led committee.  Will they make theater by May or for May?

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