Sunday, January 29, 2012

Texas Suspension: ASU Athletes vs. Governor Perry

Before Texas Governor Rick Perry "suspended" his Presidential run, Angelo State University administrators reinstated over 20 "suspended" student athletes. 

Rick Perry failed more than once to identify the three departments he would eliminate as President.  Nearly two dozen ASU athletes  failed to keep a 2.0 grade point average in their major.  This slated them for a semester off, per university policies, OP 10.04 and OP 1007.  ASU's website states:

Students on Academic Suspension
Students who were suspended at the end of their last term in attendance may appeal to the dean of their college to be reinstated. Students must complete their appeal prior to the first day of classes for the upcoming semester. Contact the dean of your college if you have questions regarding your suspension. For specific information regarding suspension regulations, please refer to the University Catalogs.

Did all reinstated athletes follow this procedure, appealing to the dean of their college?  If not, SACS might like to know.  Accrediting bodies evaluate an organization on its ability to follow procedures.

ASU's suspension policy is clear, establishing a bare minimum which allows departments to enact stricter requirements.  For example, suspended students need to fill out a Request for Release of Academic Suspension for the College of Business.  

Will Rick Perry fill out a similar Request for Release of Presidential Suspension in 2016?  Simple words have little meaning anymore, at least to ASU and Governor Perry.  Here's to a viable path forward for ASU's accreditation.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to add that the first line in paragraph of the ASU website screen-grab that you have posted is an incomplete sentence. This speaks volumes about the current state of ASU.

PEU Report/State of the Division said...

Anonymous, I must confess. I took the blurb from a policy:

The English error came from my graphic creation. Reinstating suspended students, that ASU did.