Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Single Isolated Incident

Senior administration officials hit Capital Hill to explain enhanced security measures, including naked body scanners and genital manipulating pat downs.  CNN reported:

"I feel bad for the girl they put in front of 50 people when they were doing a pat down," said one Republican senate staff member about the female TSA employee who was part of the demonstration, reflecting the concerns of many passengers about being touched in their private areas by security agents.

A Congressional staffer noted the public's focus on one single isolated incident. :

For all the things they are trying to do to get the word out, one single isolated incident gets a lot more press than all the efforts they're trying to do.

The staffer didn't elaborate on the single incident, of which there have been many.  So far, there's only one underwear bomber.  In that single isolated incident, his parents notified authorities of their son's terrorist status.

Note:  No Congressional staffer experienced an enhanced pat down.   Did any publicly object?  If so, we might have a domestic extremist in the U.S. Capital.

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