Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leadership by Example on Enhanced Pat Downs

I've yet to hear a elected official, government representative or expert say they've experienced "enhanced pat downs" citizens are getting in America's airports.  Those yet to be molested (or to share their experience of having their genitals fondled) include:

President Barack Obama
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Frances Townsend
Michael Chertoff

I believe citizens traveling for Thanksgiving are on a pilgrimage, one as dignified as work performed in the U.S. Capital Building.  Therefore, I ask that C-SPAN show every member of Congress going through an enhanced pat down.  After TSA molests members of Congress, it can head over to the White House.  Leadership by example, it'd be a nice change. Tell the Obama girls they can keep their shirt on.

Update 11-23-10  Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) said he experienced the enhanced pat down and was crotch grabbed.  Instead of knee implants, Paul should carry a diplomatic pouch.  Those don't get fondled.

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