Monday, November 01, 2010

Inflammatory Election Ads Hit Record

Political television ads are expected to hit $3 billion. Most are intended to inflame the public, i.e. mobilize people to the polls for tomorrow's election.  Besides spending a record amount on mostly negative ads, a few election facts are worth noting.

One, there is no Federal Election Commission requirement that ads be true.  Candidates purposely fracture truth, one pillar of the American way.  Hyper-competition requires any end justifying the means. 

Two, there is no way for the public to know who is behind candidates.  For ads to hit $3 billion, it's obviously people or organizations with resources.  What do they expect in return for their sponsorship?  History shows earmarks, favorable rules and regulations, preferred tax status, even billions in government business. 

I don't see how things can change under our system, given hyper-competition, funding darkness and purposeful untruths.  I'll vote tomorrow, wishing all along that America's choices were different.

What if elections were true, fair, fostered goodwill and were beneficial to all involved?  That'd be Rotary nice.  It'd also provide us higher quality leadership.

Instead, America will be damaged by excessive inflammation.

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