Monday, March 22, 2010

West Texas Paper Leads on National Scoop

The San Angelo Standard Times beat many big papers to the punch on a key political story. Was it?

1. Rep. Mike Conaway's Global Delta earmark and the peculiar timing of donations by the company's owners (also lobbyists).

2. The Bush White House's
Lessons Learned omission of the hospital with the highest patient death toll post Hurricane Katrina and corporate political ties.

3. Texas Governor Rick Perry's redoing the terms of a $35 million grant to The Carlyle Group's Vought Aircraft Industries. Vought also donates to Rep. Mike Conaway's campaign.

4. The identity of the "Baby Killer" shouter in the House Reconciliation debate on health care.

The scoop is #4, the offender Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX). Neugebauer hasn't been this mean since he threatened FASB's Chief Accountant on fair value accounting rules. Randy apologized to Rep. Bart Stupak for his boisterous behavior. Would giving Bart a ride on Randy's yacht add a healing balm to the situation?

Stay tuned to the Standard Times for more national political stories. First, the gay mayor runs to Mexico with his illegal immigrant lover. Now, a rude Congressman confesses to a West Texas reporter (living in Washington, D. C.). Who could have predicted?

Update: While the Standard Times was not the first to break the story, it did beat a number of national papers to the press, including USA Today and WaPo.

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