Monday, March 22, 2010

Bending Employee Benefit Curve

176.3 million Americans had workplace health insurance in 2008. CBO projects this to decline to 162 million in 2019. The graph above shows the deterioration of the employee health insurance benefit. The Census Bureau projects 338 million Americans in 2019.

What if Americans were insured at the rate employers provided coverage in 1998? That's the blue line. 212 million would have workplace coverage

What if they just did the same as 2008 (already a bad year for the uninsured)? That's the red line. 197 million would have employer sponsored health insurance.

The orange line is the Reconciliation bill. 162 million get a health insurance benefit at work.

A picture is worth one thousand words. America will be more competitive in a global economy. With employers doing less, citizens and Uncle Sam will step up. Only Uncle Sam is tapped out.

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