Friday, August 14, 2009

Who's Driving the Ambulance Blocking SUV's?

Health care reform is portrayed as an ambulance rushing to an Emergency Room. It's not clear if the hospital is nonprofit, for-profit or government owned.

Assume the ambulance is on the way to a safety net hospital, one that serves all regardless of insurance status. What if the blocking drivers want the ambulance to change course, driving business to a for-profit facility? Who might they be?

Video enhancing technology enabled the identification of the foot draggers. It turns out the commercial was shot in Washington, DC, in close proximity to America's corporate sponsored Congress.

Senator Max Baucus has his foot firmly on the public option brake. Through his radio Dirty Max demands the ambulance driver accept co-ops as a substitute. Other "moderate" democrats press in on the emergency vehicle as the EMT considers his options. They include:

Kent Conrad

Maria Cantwell

Blanche Lincoln

Bill Nelson

Ron Wyden

Two no's joining all obstructionist Republicans defeats any bill. Republican Olympia Snowe is the only possible switch vote.

Real reform looks bleak with these for-profiteers at the wheel. Add that elected lawyers understand nothing about producing quality. Coming soon to a Senate Finance Committee near you, health care deform!

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