Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Card Checking 55 million

Democratic projections show 100 million Americans getting coverage under health reform. Who will pick up the tab? Their predictions indicate:

15%-government through Medicaid expansion
56%-individual with some government subsidy
29%-individual alone
Wait! Aren't some 50 million uninsured? Why is the number double that amount? Projections call for 55 million to drop from employer sponsored coverage.

2007 Census projections for employer coverage--177 million
Democratic projections for employer coverage--122 million
How will the 55 million get health insurance? Some will qualify for Medicaid, but 85% will need to shop for a plan. Unions badly wish to be relevant again. They want to serve as an intermediary, offering group health insurance to members. The employee pays more, with the government providing some subsidy in many cases.

Unions will need rapid access to workplaces to backfill the employer coverage sinkhole. Thus, the call for card check. Health reform and card check are paired together in Congress for a reason.

The great dump is coming, facilitated by a corrupted Uncle Sam. It's similar to defined benefit pension plans, now rare as hen's teeth. Corporations save huge benefit dollars, fueling the next round of executive incentive pay. Unions manage worker funded retirement and health insurance. Politicians please their biggest funders. Everybody wins, right? well, everyone who matters.

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