Friday, August 14, 2009

Republican Immorality Produces Lottery Like Winnings

Day-to-day operations of the National Republican Congressional Committee are overseen by an Executive Director, who manages a staff of professionals with expertise in campaign strategy development, planning and management, research, communications, fundraising, administration, and legal compliance.

The NRCC employed Chief Financial Officer Chris Ward and assistant Cindy Hampton. Chris Ward embezzled upwards of $1 million in donations. He did so by fabricating audits and writing one signature checks to sham companies. No external auditor set foot in NRCC offices for five years. One might expect an Assistant Treasurer to note such an absence. The question is how long Cindy worked for sticky fingers Chris and how many non-audit periods were involved.

I'm sure the FBI is on top of it, as they investigate the year and a half old case. Funny, a web search shows no charges have been brought against Mr. Ward for embezzlement. Has an undisclosed settlement been reached, one that would save the Party of Pristine Morality further humiliation?

After Cindy left Chris Ward's den of financial obfuscation, Ms. Hampton worked for Senator John Ensign. An affair began, which turned into requests for hush money. A Christian counselor and fellow senator estimated it could take $1 million to make his pants-less shenanigans disappear. Who knew two people in the NRCC Treasurer's office could make lottery like gains off their inattentive or overly amorous bosses?

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