Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bush Thanks FBI for Covering for His Corporatist Friends?

President Bush congratulated the graduating class of FBI agents at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia. Did he thank FBI leaders for not investigating undue corporate influence and unethical profit taking on the back of federal taxpayers?

Eisenhower's Military Industrial Complex on steroids morphed into Bush's Government Industrial Monstrosity. Over the last eight years, George W. took advantage of every opportunity to do favors for his high dollar friends.

Which FBI agent decided not to investigate The Carlyle Group's influence on federal acts after affiliate LifeCare Hospitals lost 24 patients in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath? Bush's White House Lessons Learned report made no mention of the hospital facility with the largest death toll. Years later, Jeb ended up on the board of Tenet Healthcare, the for-profit hospital chain.

Is the FBI looking into why the Bush White House let Lehman Brothers fail? Two close relatives, brother Jeb and cousin George Herbet Walker, work for Lehman's private equity unit (PEU). Their share of $2.5 billion in bonuses is safe, under guard from a federal bankruptcy judge. Jeb and cousin George get to take an equity stake in the sold off venture.

Bush said in his speech:

The FBI's leadership in the war on terror has required a dramatic change of mission. Before 9/11, terrorism was viewed primarily as a criminal matter.

Immediately after 9/11, the FBI made preventing terrorism its top priority.

The FBI you join today is working more closely with partners at all levels of government.

Bad news for those of us wanting the FBI to keep our government clean.

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