Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coach Conaway, Uncle Mike

As Republicans talk in the darkness of the House floor, Representative Mike Conaway remains the number one oil company shill. I guess it proves the old adage, "once an oil company accountant, always an oil company booster." When he says to the citizens of his district, "I feel your pain", he means "it boosts my pocketbook," or at least his campaign coffers.

It seems Mike made the protest on Monday, August 11, and has been a no-show since. His blog posted a video on 8-14, but there was no sign of him at today's press conference. Funny, his blue shirt and yellow tie match his attire from Monday.

So where's Mike hiding? What's the oil company predator up to? Do the American people need to watch out for Coach Conaway, also known as Uncle Mike?

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