Sunday, September 03, 2006

World Actors in Bizarre Play

All the players know their lines by heart, repeating them with precision emphasis. Each party returns to World War II for inspiration calling today’s struggle analogous to that widespread conflict. Each side invokes Hitler comparisons to their adversary.

Israel just attacked a sovereign democratic nation of 4 million people to disarm 5,000 terrorists. My hometown of 100,000 people has a terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan. Using the same ration, we would only need 125 armed and dangerous Klansmen to be bombed back twenty years.

Iran sponsored a cartoon contest on the Holocaust to test Western tolerance for drawings on that sensitive topic. The Iranian Foreign Minister spoke of hosting a conference to examine the scientific evidence supporting the Holocaust.

Iran thumbs its nose at the United Nations Security Council on its enrichment of uranium. To date the Islamic Republic has ignored world concerns over its possible development of nuclear weapons.

The United States continues to play nuclear games with its friends, cutting a deal with India and talking with Pakistan while screaming about proliferation from its enemies, designated the “axis of evil”. America announces a new generation of nuclear weapons after breaking the anti-ballistic missile treaty with Russia to develop space weapons.

Israel considers Iran a threat and has refused to rule out military force to destroy Iran's nuclear program. Iran has said its nuclear program is intended only to generate electricity, but Western countries suspect the country is trying to build an atomic bomb.

The United Nations Chief visited with the Iranian President on Lebanon, nuclear technology and the Holocaust events. Yes, this would be the same man President Bush wanted to call from the G-8 conference and order to tell Iran and Syria to quit arming Hezbollah. This would be the same United Nations President Bush’s team regularly runs around when not directly discrediting.

The next act is to come but it likely involves the U.S. finding any U.N. mediated solution unacceptable. Then after a secret phone call from the White House red phone, Israel will unleash its military might on Iranian nuclear facilities as it did to Iraq in the 1980’s.

All the parties will ask God to bless their side. All worship the God of Abraham, so which tribe will be blessed in war?

Let’s get ready to rumble….not the ground I hope.

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