Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bush Aide Chose to Cheat

A blogger discovered an aide in Karl Rove's Bush White House lifted material for half of his 38 newspaper columns in the Fort Wayne newspaper. The aide, Tim Goeglein, worked for President Bush, as a liaison to social and religious conservatives. The New York Times reported:

Mr. Goeglein, 44, is little known outside Washington. He is a familiar figure to conservatives and evangelical Christians, who knew him as a spokesman for Gary L. Bauer, the conservative who ran for president in 2000.

When Mr. Bauer dropped out of the race, Mr. Goeglein signed on with Mr. Bush, eventually becoming a top aide to
Karl Rove, the chief political strategist. He was the eyes and ears of the White House in the world of religious conservatives and an emissary to that world for Mr. Rove and the president.

Mr. Goeglein was often credited with turning out the evangelical vote that helped re-elect Mr. Bush in 2004.

How ironic is it that a man so internally charged by morality would fail repeatedly in his efforts to write ethically? Recall that many economic reforms pushed by the U.S. deal with intellectual property rights. Consider this from the Commerce Department's website:

“This report verifies our significant and substantial efforts to stem the tide of intellectual property theft,” said Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

So what did George W. Bush say about a man who pilfered the intellectual production of others? The Times reported:

With Mr. Bush traveling to his ranch in Crawford, Tex., for the weekend, the White House issued a statement late Friday saying that the president was disappointed and saddened for Mr. Goeglein and his family. “He has long appreciated Tim’s service,” the statement said. “And he knows him to be a good person who is committed to his country.”

Here's the deal, George. America is raising a generation of cheaters. Our role models extend from CEO's who cheat on the executive stock options to baseball players juicing up their performance to White House operatives who cheat without the pressure of a writing deadline. I'm sure they're all good people, committed to their company, sport or political party. I don't believe they're committed to honesty. They share that with our current Chief Executive. The end justifies the means...

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