Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blue Blogosphere Goes Green

As Democratic President candidates get huge handouts from big Wall Street investment houses, the bluegosphere's interest in exposing corporate ties wanes. Barack Obama has $6.7 million in donations from securities and investment companies, Hillary Clinton $6.6 million and John McCain $3.0 million.

Progressive blog Think Progress jumped on my two President's Intelligence Oversight Board appointments, Fran Townsend and Peter Pace. But they turned their nose up on that same General Pace's milking of the private sector and numerous pieces on The Carlyle Group and their latest money making machinations. It seems the bluegosphere's gone green. That fits with Al Gore's Green PEU (private equity underwriter). Carlyle's first in-house lobbyist is former Clinton staffer. Both Barack and Hillary have Carlyle connected bundlers. Yes, the rabbit hole runs deep. May the best franchise win this November!

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