Saturday, March 15, 2008

McCain to Raise London PEU Money in Lounge Suit

Someone please take a camera to John McCain's British fundraiser for his run for the American Presidency. The event will be held this coming Thursday courtesy of private equity underwriter (PEU) Lord Rothschild. It will take place at Spencer House, St. Jame's Place, London. Requested attire is "lounge suits". A brief look at the Rothschild family history produced this quote.

"Money is the god of our time", the Jewish-born German pamphleteer and poet, Heinrich Heine, wrote in 1841, "and Rothschild is his prophet."

I wonder if the Lord got the same gene? Nevertheless, I want to see a picture of John McCain in a lounge suit. McCain's second wife comes from a prominent Phoenix area Anheuser Busch family. I recall lounge lizards drinking beer. John might feel right at home at the Lord's house.

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